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Andrei Octav Moise Shows Support on Controlling Avian Coronaviruses

As a veteran businessman and expert in the field of entrepreneurship, Andrei Octav Moise is naturally knowledgeable of current news and events. After all, certain events may bring upon significant impact in any particular industry. For instance, agriculture-based industries such as poultry production are deeply affected by the rampant spread of viruses - of which can bring virulent diseases that may deeply affect crops and livestock. Recently, Moise discussed and raised awareness about the avian coronavirus, whilst also talking about recent action done in order to identify and study the virus in better detail.

The avian coronavirus (AvCov) is a kind of virus that, as the name implies, infects various species of birds such as chickens and turkeys. This strain of virus causes avian infectious bronchitis, a rather highly infectious disease that deeply affects various organs in the bird's body - those being the respiratory system, gut, kidney, and reproductive system. Diseases brought by the virus has a severe effect on the performance of chickens in particular, hampering their meat and egg production. Thus, this has led to a substantial loss of revenue within the poultry industry.

For decades on end already, poultry production all across the world has been struggling due to mass economic loss brought upon by avian coronavirus infections. Due to multiple variations of strains, identification and classification of avian coronavirus, as well as prevention and control of diseases caused by these viruses are severely hampered.

With this deadly virus in mind, Moise notes that action is done in an attempt to quell this notorious virus of its destructive capabilities. In particular, he mentions the COST Action on Controlling Avian Coronaviruses. Also referred to as the COST Action FA1207, this action was established in November 2012, and their main objective is to bring forth a broader understanding of diseases caused by AvCov; the goal is to create a network of scientists around the world with expertise and knowledge of avian coronavirus to develop and create not only internationally standardized nomenclature, but also precise detection and surveillance technology in order to develop methods to identify and classify AvCov strains. This is done to produce a framework for data sharing within a platform for easy and open access by everyone.

In order for the Action to achieve and succeed on its goals and more, five Working Groups are established for operation; in order, these groups deal with Molecular Virology, Serology and Immunology, Clinic and Pathology, Epidemiology, and Data Sharing respectively. Participating countries will then network with each other through regular meeting, conferences, and workshops - sharing expertise and data about their respective fields in the process

According to Moise, COST provides the ideal platform to accomplish these goals as different research projects concerning AvCoV are currently funded. The COST Action provides researchers the opportunity to connect and facilitate a network when working on various AvCov topics, thereby enabling them to use their resources more efficiently and effectively. Poultry producers, industry, veterinarians and consumers from all around the world would certainly benefit from results generated in the course of this Action, says Moise.

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Working Groups

  • Molecular Virology
  • Immunology & Serology
  • Host Pathogen & Receptor Interactions
  • Epidemiology

The aim is to map distinct molecular differences based on changes within the full genome sequence of AvCoV isolates. The next generation sequencing (NGS) will be applied to reveal genotypes and quantify viral population polymorphism at very high resolution. Moreover, the biological function of AvCoV sequence variations, such as pathogenicity, infectivity, virulence, tissue tropism and attenuation will be investigated by using a reverse genetics system.

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