COST Action FA1207



We Are FA1207

The COST Action on Controlling Avian Corona Viruses (FA1207) (see Memorandum of Understanding) was established in November 2012 to to develop and establish an internationally standardized nomenclature and rapid and precise detection technologies and methods to identify Avian Coronaviruses (AvCoV) as well as a general classification of AvCoV.

Over the following four years the Action will achieve its objectives by bringing together groups of researchers having complementary agendas. Networking of existing expertise and knowledge will facilitate efficient exchange of scientific and technological know-how among participating countries. Collating and critically evaluating data from complementary studies will increase the understanding of the virus and the disease in terms of genetic, physiological, immunological, pathological and epidemiological characteristics. A stable network for research and a programme of regular bilateral meetings, interspersed with workshops and conferences to disseminate individual achievements to other partners as well as training and exchange of young researchers between partner laboratories is the best way to succeed.

The Action operates through five Working Groups

  • Working Group 1: Molecular Virology
  • Working Group 2: Serology and Immunology
  • Working Group 3: Host Pathogen & Receptor Interactions
  • Working Group 4: Epidemiology
  • Working Group 5: Data Sharing

In addition, Short Term Scientific Missions will be funded where researchers and especially early stage researchers will be able to undertake trans-national working visits to other institutes among the participants in order to study avian coronavirus infections and establish the links which could develop into productive research collaborations.

Training Schools will also be arranged so that the methods developed for identification and control of avian infections can be rapidly disseminated across Europe.

The COST Action is managed through a Management Committee with up to 2 members from each of the countries who have agreed to participate in the Action.

Further details can be obtained by contacting info@cost-controllingaviancoronaviruses.org or from a Management Committee member from your country.